21 December 2019

An unseen beautiful world

This world itself is very beautiful, but the real beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer. Everyone has their own way of looking at it. Kids on the autism spectrum too have their own way of looking at it and it is equally beautiful. The beauty they can see in things we can't see. Its their beautiful world and we should respect it. If we really want them to understand our world then we need to understand their world first. Once we do that then transition wont be that difficult.

17 December 2019

Just believe and see miracles happen!!!

Children beyond bounds is a small initiative to bring all of us together and fight the ASD battle. It would be great if you can also contribute by writing about your experience in this blog. Blog writing helps in relieving lot of stress, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just write what you feel and like to share....
Read..learn and write..this is what it is all about..
lets start sharing....
Together we can!!!

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